Friday, May 20, 2022

The Black Hole of Carlentini Genealogy- Morti 1893-1899

With the recent release of the Carlentini records at the Portale Antenati, we now have access from home to almost all of the civil records of Carlentini.  One exception is a group of death records from 1893-1899.

I recently received copies of the death record index pages for the years 1893-1899 from the Archivio di Stato di Siracusa.  I publish them here for all to access.

1893 A-D

1893 D-M

1893 M-T

1893 V-Z

1894 A-P

1894 P-Z

1895 A-F

1895 F-S

1895 S-Z

1896 A-P

1896 P-Z

1897 A-M

1897 N-Z

1898 A-L

1898 M-Z

1899 A-M

1899 M-Z