Carlentini Cemetery

The FindaGrave page for the cemetery of Carlentini is here:

Hello there,

Thank you for transcribing in the Cimitero di Carlentini.  Please note that Italian stones usually show the surname first but FindaGrave asks you to enter the First Name field first.

Also note that Italian women usually have their maiden name on the stone.  The surname of the husband is shown with the prefix IN or VED meaning that she was married to or the widow (vedova) of a man with that surname.

Occasionally, the married name of the woman will appear but then it will say NATA and give the maiden name.

The first name of the father is often given with the prefix FU for deceased or DI for a living father.

N is an abbreviation for NATO which is followed by the birth date in day-month-year format.

M is an abbreviation for MORTO which is followed by the death date in day-month-year format.

CONIUGI= (Husband and wife on the same stone)

Thanks again,

Nick Cimino

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