Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Carlentini Cemetery Records- Adults 1902-1922

 Carlentini Cemetery Record Books Digitized

The images below have been digitized from the original cemetery books and they should be useful to people researching their Carlentini genealogy. This book shows adults buried in the cemetery from 1902-1922.


The column headings do not match the contents. Here is my guess as to the contents.

The first column is the ordinal number of burial in that month. For example, there was one burial in Feb and four burials in March.
The second column is the day of death.  
The third column is the hour of death.
Fourth column is the name of the deceased.
Fifth column is the name of the parents.
Sixth column is the age at death.
Seventh column is the place of birth.
Eighth column is the status: Villico=peasant; nubile=unmarried female.
Ninth column might be the plot number or just a series of ordinal numbers.
Tenth column is the area of the cemetery.
Eleventh column is hard to figure. They are all odd numbers in succession.
Twelfth column is the year of death and burial.
Thirteenth column is the month of burial

Let me know if you think that makes sense.  

At this point the record keeper starts to pay attention to the column headings.  We no longer have the day and hour of death but we do have very clearly the day of burial.


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