Sunday, December 4, 2016

Happy Holidays to My Cousins!

I happen to have been blessed with a healthy helping of first cousins!  Here is a list of names:

Paternal cousins: John, Mike, Paul, Tim, Mary, and Toni Cimino; Mary Lynn and Larry Hancock; Rhonda and Aleen Burns. (10)

Maternal cousins: Christine, Steven, and Lesley Watson; Stacey Vroman Gray; Anna and Sarah Johnson; Terri and Gale Richter. (8)

Rainy days and holidays remind me of Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with lots of kids running wild.

I have a few pictures with my cousins around the holidays and in winter garb.  I share some of them here as a Christmas present to all of my cousins and their numerous descendants that are scattered far and wide across the North American continent.

Genealogists also know that we have thousands of cousins when we start to count all of the descendants of our ancestors.  I also wish all of my more distant relatives a Merry Christmas!

There is no rhyme or reason to the order. I wish I had more pictures of my cousins so maybe they could send me a few!

These pictures bring back many happy memories.  Merry Christmas Cousins!

Mike, John and Nick Cimino about 1955

Vicky and Nick Cimino and Christine and Steven Watson about 1959; In the backyard of our house on Carmela Way, Sacramento

I found this picture of Rhonda Burns in a box of photos that I got from my mom.  It looks like a graduation picture and it is inscribed to Uncle Dick and family- Love Rhonda
My christening with Steve and Christine
The rest of the folks facing the camera left to right are Bruce Watson, Joan Mayne Watson, Richard J. Cimino, the minister, Jill Mayne Cimino, Helen Stewart Mayne and Donna Mayne.  The woman in the dark dress is unknown.
This picture of Terri Richter was dated December, 29, 1987 and was taken at her home in Fresno.  Our grandmother, Elaine Kelly wrote on the back: "I made the jacket to go over dress.  I think Eiko bought it for Terry and she was cold.- EK"

This picture of Stacey Vroman Gray was taken in May 1985 in Statesboro, Georgia.
It shows that she has a flair for the dramatic!
Gale Richter is 11 years old in this picture which was taken at Homan Elementary School in Fresno.

Our grandmother, Elaine Kelly, with Stacey and Lesley at the wedding of Jack Kelly and Eiko Richter.

Steve, Christine, Lesley and Stacey, Christmas 1973
Christmas 1955 at the Kelly residence, Parkside Court, Sacramento
This is one of my favorite pictures inspired by our hilarious grandfather, George Kelly.
He is the horse and my dad is the rider.  Grandma Elaine is petting Goldie, the cocker spaniel.
Left to right: Elaine, Christine, Nick, Jill, Jack, George and Dick

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