Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Watch Finding Your Roots: The Seedlings

If you like Finding Your Roots on PBS, you will absolutely love Finding Your Roots: the Seedlings.  I have been following the PBS genealogy series very closely this year.  Finding Your Roots airs on Tuesday nights at 8 PM Eastern Time and 7 PM Central Time.  The series schedule for the next three weeks features "Encore" episodes from previous seasons.  If you would rather not watch reruns for the next three weeks or if you are just curious about what Henry Louis Gates means by "Seedlings," you can watch three short videos online about Finding Your Roots: the Seedlings by clicking on the numerous hyperlinks to the Seedlings website in this paragraph.

It takes about 30 minutes to watch all three videos.  If you share my enthusiasm for the Seedlings program, please let me know by commenting on this blog or by sharing this post via social media.  I plan to share this information about the Seedlings with anyone who will listen.


  1. Excellent program and for teaching kids! I had no idea extracting DNA is so easy. Very inspiring! Finding Your Roots is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for sharing about the Seedlings Program!

    1. Fritz- Thanks for the comments. Sounds like we have similar taste in TV shows in addition to our Omaha and Carlentini roots. All the best, Nick

  2. Genealogists! Educators! Check out the Finding Your Roots Genetics & Genealogy middle school curriculum at the 2018 NSF Video showcase #stemvideohall starting Monday May 14. View the video - vote for your favorite - and join the conversation! Here is the direct link http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/p/1184

  3. Episodes 1-7 of Finding Your Roots: The Seedlings are on the curriculum site at www.FYRclassroom.org Episode 7 on genealogy basics was just posted this morning.