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Arrival Story 1960- Vacanti Siblings Together Again

Do you have arrival stories about your immigrant ancestor?  We are looking for stories about how your immigrant ancestors arrived in the United States.  We are assuming that most immigrants traveled by train to one of the major ports including Palermo, Messina and Naples. I was searching the newspapers for arrival stories and found this one that my friends in Omaha might appreciate. The text from the newspaper article is transcribed below the image for easier reading.

‘Kid Brother’ in Italy Joins Family

-World-Herald Photo Caption: Mrs. Randazzo, Mrs. Anzalone, Yano, Joseph Vacanti... Happiest Christmas in 40 years

One of the happiest Yule-tide seasons in 40 years will be observed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Randazzo, 2422 South Nineteenth Street The reason: Arrival Friday night of Yano Vacanti, Mrs. Randazzo’s brother from Italy.

Another sister and a brother in Omaha will also share in the Christmas gladness. 

They are Mrs. Nancy Anzalone 2516 South Eleventh Street and Joseph Vacanti 1718 Martha Street. 

It was 40 years ago that Mrs. Randazzo, Mrs. Anzalone and Mr. Vacanti left their native land to seek opportunity in America. 

Yano was only five years old so he stayed behind with his parents. 

Mr. and Mrs. Anzalone visited Italy nine years ago so had no difficulty recognizing Yano when he stepped off the train with his wife and two sons. 

Though the entire family originated in Carlentini, Yano has been making his residence in Palermo He is a bricklayer. 

Yano said through an interpreter that it has been nine years since he initiated his attempt to get to this country.

“Everything looks good to me” he said. 

What will he do for employment in Omaha? Lay bricks of course. 

He will go to' work for his brother and brother-in-law. They have their own I brick-laying contracting company. 

Omaha World-Herald
18 Dec 1960
Page 26

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