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DNA Link to Our Choctaw Ancestor- Please Take a Test!

DNA for family history is fun.  I encourage all of you to take a test.  If you are related to me or Robin, then I will link your test to our family tree on Ancestry.com.  I also use FamilyTreeDNA.com for the y-DNA and mt-DNA test capabilities.  I highly encourage everyone to take a DNA test but especially those who are on the lists below.

Left to right Margaret Garvin 1866-1927, Sally Welch b. 2 Dec 1891, Emiline Jefferson b. Dec 1886, Lydia Moss Garvin b. Mar 1820, Phoebe Jefferson b. Aug 1887. Estimated date of photograph is 1894.  This photo would have been taken in Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory. SOURCE: Marsha Lynn Sharp, Eufala, Oklahoma, 2003

William Phebus Family about 1913 Pittsburg County Oklahoma: left to right: Lydia, Bill, Obie (aka Bud), Margaret Garvin (Our Choctaw ancestor), Bill Jr., Elizabeth & Ava; SOURCE: Original photograph in the collection of Nick and Robin Cimino, League City, Texas,  2017

Margaret Garvin is in the back row holding the baby.  Margaret had a truly multi-cultural family. Her daughter, Sally Welch 1882-1954 is in front on the right and Sally's husband, Eli Wade 1881-1955 is in the front on the left. Callie Wade 1909-1986 is seated next to her mother, Sally. Emiline Jefferson 1886-1955 is behind Sally. Emeline's had three daughters and a son named Gallamore.  The two children in front are probably Gallamores.  The boy with the tie next to Margaret is probably Earnie Homer Wade 1911-1930. Can you help identify these people? 

I really hope you will take a test if you are a descendant of our Native American ancestor, Margaret Garvin Phebus 1866-1927.  Here is a list of descendants.  Please take a DNA test if your name is on the list to help me research our Choctaw ancestry.

Living Descendants of Margaret Garvin
8 Aug 2017

Generation Number-Name (Birthdate)

4. Larry Harrington (b.1948-)  
5. Mark Harrington (b.1971)
4. Blane Harrington (b.1964-)
4. Kevin Royce Harrington (b.1960-)
5. Jessica Louise Harrington (b.1982-)
5. Justin Lee Harrington (b.1984-)
4. Connie Lynn Harrington (b.1956-)
5. Jacob Elliott Bogdon (b.1979-)
5. Leanna Lynn Bogdon (b.1981-)
5. Casey Marie Bogdon (b.1985-)
4. John Reginald Gallamore
4. Marsha Lynn Sharp (b.1948-)
4. Debra Kay Sharp Green (b.1951-)
4. Jumbo Farkas
4. Agnes Faye Farkas
5. Eugene Tate
5. Linda Sue Tate
5. Leah Cantrell
5. Leroy Cantrell
5. David Browne (b.1952-,)
5. Jeremy Cantrell
5. Gloria Cantrell
5. Linda Cantrell
5. Jana Cantrell  
5. Sherri Cantrell  
5. Rebekah Cantrell  
4. Bob Cantrell (b.1944)
4. Gale Cantrell (b.1949)  
4. Dale Cantrell (b.1949)
4. Dennis Cantrell (b.1953)
4. James Frank Grisley (b.1947-,)
5. James Alexander Grisley (b.1987-,)
4. Marilyn Sandra Grisley (b.1953-)
4. Karen S. Grisley (b.1958-,)  
3. Wanda Louise Phebus (b.1929-)
4. Gregory Scott Shaffer (b.1952)
3. Carol Marlene Phebus (b.1936)
4. Vickie Jones
4. Richard Jones
4. Ronnie Jones
3. Margaret Ann Phebus (b.1938)
4. Michael Kenneth Lantz (b.1962)
4. Terri Lynn Lantz (b.1963)
5. Karilynn Marie Galiotos (b.1988)
5. William James Galiotos (b.1989)
3. James O. Phebus (b.1940)
3. Robert W. Phebus (b.1948)

I have written about Margaret Garvin Phebus before in the following post:


Margaret Garvin was deprived of her Choctaw heritage by the Dawes Commission.  Ironically, her sister, Miranda Garvin Vinson was enrolled as a citizen by blood of the Choctaw Nation as described in her testimony below.

Dawes Commission testimony in case of Lydia Vinson filed under Maude Vinson:  I, Miranda Vinson being first duly sworn state my Post Office is Wilburton Indian Territory and I am 50 years of age.  I am the Miranda Vinson that made and signed the petition to which this affidavit is attached.  My daughter Lydia F. Vinson, for whom I have prayed enrollment was born in lawful wedlock on the 14th day  of January 1884.      I have been a resident of the Choctaw Nation Indian Territory for the last past thirty years, my parents emmigrated [sic] to this Nation from the Old Choctaw Nation, in Mississippi.  I am a Choctaw Indian by blood and as such was finally enrolled by the Dawes commission on the 7th day of September 1899 at So. McAlester, I.T.  I was married to my present husband David Vinson in the Nation on the 17th day March 1869 with whom I have always lived in the Choctaw Nation.  We have but the one child, the said Lydia F. Vinson and it has never been out of our care and custody and never absent a single day from the Choctaw Nation.  I made an application to the Dawes Commission prior to September 1896, and was refused, but the United States Court on appeal, at So. McAlester, gave judgement in my favor.  It was after this judgment was rendered that I first learned that the name of my said child did not appear in the original application to the said Commission.  I don't know anything about courts and don't know how it happened but one thing I do know and this is that I never forgot my only child and that she is no less a Choctaw Indian and in no way to blame for not being enrolled as such.      Affiant further states that the Dawes Commission refused to enroll my said child, Lydia F. Vionso [sic], because she had not formerly been enrolled.  This was at So. McAlester, I.T. on the 7th day of September 1899 at the same time and place that I was finally enrolled. Signed by Miranda Vinson by her mark Witness: Eben Reynolds Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 20th day of  November 1899 E.B. Hamilton, Notary Public  Commision to the Five Civilized Tribes, South McAlester, Indian Ter.
In the enrollment of Miranda Vinson as a Choctaw; being sworn and examined by Com'r McKennon she states: Q  What is your name?  A Miranda Vinson. Q  How old are you?  A  Fifty. Q  Where have you been living?  A  Here at Krebbs. Q  How long have you been living in the Choctaw Nation?  A  Ever since I was a small girl. Q  You never have been recognized as a citizen before have you, and enrolled?  A  No sir, but we was called that in the State all the time. Q  What State?  A  In Arkansas. Q  How long ago?  A  It has been a good long while.   

It would also be very helpful if the descendants of Miranda Vinson would be tested.  Here is a list of those names:

4. John Roberts
4. Rayma Roberts

Again, I encourage everyone to have their ancestral DNA tested and especially if your name is in these listings.

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