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I often get asked which is the best newspaper site.  There are so many digital newspaper sites to choose from.The best newspaper site is the one that has the greatest number of stories about YOUR FAMILY.  That is why it is so important to pay attention to the newspaper titles available on a site and the date range of those titles.

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    "there were prizes galore for everything"
    synonyms:aplenty, in abundance, in profusion, in great quantities, in large numbers, by the dozen has great coverage for two cities that interest me: Sacramento and New Orleans. Sacramento is my birthplace.  I am doing research for a client in New Orleans.  Genealogy Bank has really good coverage of the Sacramento Bee in the 1950's.  That is a period in which I find many articles related to my family.

Here are a few samples of the articles on the Cimino family in the Sacramento Bee:

This is my parents wedding announcement.  This article is packed with details about family members and where they lived.  George William Kelly was my mother's stepfather and Engle True Mayne was her father.  My grandmother, Elaine Kelly is known here as Mrs. George W. Kelly.  My cousin, Christine Watson was the flower girl and her name was spelled wrong.  Mrs. Bruce Watson is my Aunt Joan.  Using the husband's name was very common in newspaper articles.

Grandpa George was a devoted golfer.  I remember his many golf trophies
were displayed over the fireplace mantel on Parkside Court.

This is the engagement announcement for my Aunt Betty and Uncle Tony Cimino.  Mary Frances Lutzy was Aunt Betty's sister.  My cousins called her Aunt Tiny.

Here is an article about Uncle Tony playing basketball in the Municipal Basketball League.  Lou Borovansky was a long-time friend of his.

This article is about the death of the father of my Grandma Macy Kimes Cimino.   Grandpa Dick had been a widower for three years in 1955.  He would marry Macy a few months after this article was published.  The wedding occurred on 2 July 1955 in Reno, Nevada.  Macy is known as Mrs. Macy Bailey here.  I did not know she was married to Bailey until I found this article.  I remember Clayton Kimes in his older days.  He always wore cowboy hats and boots and a big belt buckle.  Mrs. Gail Burns was better known to us as Aunt Joy Gail.  Her maiden name was Irons.  I did not know that Grandma Macy's father was buried in Sacramento either.

My mother attended this shower and she is listed here as Mrs. Dick Cimino.  Our family would visit with the Chuck  Pratt family over the years.  This shower was for Chuck's sister, Marcia.

My mother was a bridesmaid at this wedding.

I have to ask my dad why he did not attend the Senior Ball with mom.  I remember Mom talking about Mimi Nicolaus and Owen Schermer.  Shirley Spencer was one of her best friends from high school.

There is so much here from the Sacramento Bee that I will have to save New Orleans for a future blog post.  Suffice it to say that the coverage of the New Orleans Times-Picayune is even better than the Sacramento Bee.  I have found articles in New Orleans from the 1880's through the 1980's.

Newspaper articles are a very interesting window into the lives of our ancestors.  Check the coverage for your cities before signing up for the pay sites.  If you need any look-ups in Genealogy Bank, let me know.

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