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Monumental Genealogy at San Jacinto Battleground

San Jacinto Monument.jpg
A 2006 view of the San Jacinto Monument with the Fred Hartman-Baytown Bridge in the background. This is the view of the monument as it appears from the Battleship Texas which is another attraction of the San Jacinto Battleground State Park
SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

The battleground that gave birth to the Republic of Texas has been surrounded by an army of refineries and chemical plants.  The monument in the center of the battlefield is a bastion defending genealogical and historical treasures.

View of refineries and chemical plants from the observation deck of the San Jacinto Monument
SOURCE: Nicole Hall
My birthday celebration last Friday seemed like the perfect occasion to visit the monument, the museum and the library in the center of the San Jacinto Battleground State Park.

This aerial captures the beauty of the San Jacinto Battleground State Park
SOURCE: Texas Department of  Parks and Wildlife

A visit to the library requires an advance appointment but it is a simple matter to use the contact information on the website to make arrangements for your visit.  There is only one table available for research. The library floorspace is devoted to bookshelves and file cabinets.

The top of the Library page includes a virtual tour of the Library.
The ceilings of the library are at least fifteen feet high and the walls are packed to the rafters with books. Only one or two researchers can be accommodated at the same time.  The library webpage includes a 360 degree virtual tour that shows the small room and the stacks of books.

The bottom of the Library page
This shows the links to the manuscripts, research procedures and the veterans biographies.

Please examine the website thoroughly before your visit as it contains a wealth of information about the library and includes online biographies of battle veterans.

HISTORICAL EVENT: A mural depicting General Sam Houston and a squad of men during the Battle of San Jacinto has been painted onto an oil storage tank near Beltway 8 along Hwy 225.
This mural depicts General Sam Houston at San Jacinto Battleground on a most unusual canvas. SOURCE:
I am not sure how we missed them on the way in but a collection of murals can be seen on oil tanks on Independence Parkway and Highway 225.  The murals are most visible as you exit the park.  I found a vast array of oil tank images and articles using the following search terms:  "san jacinto oil tank murals".  These murals are quite impressive and have garnered attention from journalists across the country.

Genealogy Roadshow host, Mary Tedesco revealed a San Jacinto battle veteran to Sarah Lasater on the Houston Episode.

The Houston episode of Genealogy Roadshow includes the discovery of a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. I interviewed Sarah Lasater after the filming of the Houston episode and wrote a blog about it here.  The biography for her ancestor, Francis Laster is found here.

For more information on visiting this state historic site visit the website of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

View of the Battleship Texas from the observation deck of the San Jacinto Monument
SOURCE: Nicole Hall

For more information on the museum and library and to view some of the genealogical treasures go to their website:

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